SEO – Is it Really Necessary?

SEO – Is it Really Necessary?

Is SEO really necessary? That question usually crops up every so often. Why? I believe it is because some do not want to tackle SEO or don’t have a clue to what they should do.

If you haven’t used SEO I like to ask you a simple question “Have you ever wondered why your site isn’t in the top ten?” Or worse yet, “Why your copy is in the top 10 listing?” Now this last question is really scary. Why? How can you reproduce the success you saw on that one page, to your other pages?

So if you are remotely interested in getting your feet wet, let me start you off with some basic elements to SEO and how it can help your site.

SEO – The Basic Elements

What are the basic elements of SEO-keywords, keyword phases, and good content.

Keywords and Content the Mix

With SEO you use keywords within your content to draw the search engines to your site. Simple sentence there, but it’s not that easy. Let me explain.

When you are writing content for a web page you should select a couple of keywords to emphasize. The keywords

should not be randomly chosen but should be specific to the content you are writing.

Now for the tough part-your keywords should naturally blend in with the content. If you randomly place your keywords within the content-and it comes across not as an article, but a promo for the search engines, you’ll lose the reader and they will click away. Which means, lost traffic, bandwidth lost and lost revenue.

What do you do once the search engines have found out? The work has just begun!

Search Engines-One-Way Links

Other sites will find you, once the search engines find and index your content. If they find your content useful to their target audience, they may create a one-way link to your site. One-way links to your site, that discuss subject matter that is the same as your site, will draw the search engines and improve your page ranking as well.

But how do you get one-way links? One way to get one-way links is through the use of article marketing. Here is a quick rundown for article writing.

1. create an article that is relevant to your website or webpage

2. At the end of the article create a resource box, with a link that points to your website or specific page that is relevant to the article you have written.

3. Submit your article or articles to article directories.

I’ve only touched on the very basics of SEO, for more tips on SEO, you can go to my site and review additional SEO Tips

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